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Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleaning Services in Columbus, MT

Newman Restoration and Cleaning proudly offers crime scene cleaning services for local police departments, fire departments, and paramedics in Columbus. We set you up with the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle hazardous materials and keep the community clean. We offer our crime scene cleaning services 24/7 so you can count on us after an accident or incident. A crime scene can be quite the horrific sight, so instead of subjecting yourself to that, just call us to come do crime scene cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Columbus

We offer reliable and trusted crime scene cleaning to the various emergency service departments in Columbus. Keeping our community and citizens safe is our company’s priority, so we offer professional services for disinfecting places and handling biohazard containment. We work efficiently and quickly to remove any hazardous substances from the zone, and do deep cleaning on other parts affected areas. From automobile accidents to severe crimes, we are a reliable and timely crime scene cleanup crew.

Professional Biohazard Cleanup Jobs in Columbus

Our biohazard cleanup crew takes the tough task of cleaning up after a crime out of your hands. Biohazards like blood and other body fluids can be dangerous, and its required you have the proper crew, tools, and equipment to handle it. Newman Restoration and Cleaning in Columbus proudly offers full biohazard cleanup services. We will come in and take care of doing biohazard cleanup for anything that has been left in the aftermath of an incident and is not safe to be around. Let the cleaning professionals at Newman Restoration and Cleaning do it for you instead of trying to take on biohazard cleanup as a DIY job.

Residential & Commercial Services


Biohazard Cleaning in Columbus has Never Been Easier

Newman Restoration and Cleaning offers complete biohazard cleaning services carried out by our professional tools, able equipment, and hardy hands. Dealing with biohazard can be dangerous work and tricky business, so don’t planning to do it yourself and put your health at risk. We highly recommend calling us to see how easily and safely we can handle the biohazard cleanup project for you. From the actual biohazard removal to the final inspection, we have your whole project covered.


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