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The positives of duct cleaning

September is a great time to have a heating and cooling system cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency. Team Newman recommends a cleaning every three years for an HVAC system. This not only benefits efficiency but also promotes cleaner air quality...
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Home Improvement Safety

The summer is a popular time for home improvement projects. Team Newman has a few safety tips to help make sure your home renovation is a success.   Be on the lookout for hazardous building materials - Asbestos and lead...
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Towing and hauling safety

Whether hauling a boat to the lake or towing a trailer for work, there are several important safety measures to implement. These will protect yourself and others when out on the road.    Before pulling away, there are several safety...
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Common issues with egress windows

Summer rain storms can cause issues with egress windows and result in a water intrusion. Team Newman has a few tips and suggestions to prevent water damage from an egress window. Safety first - It is important to have a...
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Hail Storm Advice

Summer storms have a tendency to result in hailstones across Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Team Newman has experienced the damage resulting from these hail storms and we have a few recommendations for how to protect yourself. How does hail form?...
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Summer saftey tips

As the warm weather arrives, Team Newman and Le-Squeegee have a few tips for staying safe this summer. Many of these safety tips are implemented for our work at Newman Restoration & Cleaning. Walk around vehicle or trailer before driving...
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