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Winter crawl space issues

The crawl space is an easy place to ignore, however it is an important area to check and maintain. Crawl space issues can develop slowly or quickly and lead to costly repairs. Team Newman has a few suggestions on what...
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Cold Weather Driving Safety

With the cold weather arriving abruptly in central Montana, it is a good idea to take a few extra precautions when driving.  Is your vehicle prepared for the cold weather? There are a few parts of your vehicle you should...
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Cold weather prep

As below freezing temperatures are predicted to set in for Montana over the next week, there are a few items homeowners should address.   Blow out sprinkler system - A sprinkler system needs to be winterized to prevent damage during...
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How to heat your home efficiently

As we prepare for the coming cold weather in central Montana, Team Newman has a few tips and ideas to help keep your home heated efficiently.   Check rubber seals around windows and doors - Preventing drafts from windows and...
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