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Emergency Sewage Cleanup in Bozeman, MT: 24-Hour Sewage Removal & Cleanup

Sewage accidents don’t only happen during business hours, and our sewage cleanup team takes that into consideration. Newman Restoration & Cleaning offers emergency sewage cleanup to the Bozeman area 24 hours a day, so we’ll be on top of the issue regardless of what time it is. Mold will start to develop in just 24 hours, and damage to the framework of your building can begin almost instantly. To nip the destruction in the bud, we offer emergency restoration services. We are here to protect your Bozeman property and offer you satisfaction.

Types of Contaminated Water in Bozeman

Our emergency sewage cleanup experts in Bozeman work with three types of water: clean, gray, and black. Clean water will be from water supply pipes or faucets. Gray water would be runoff from devices like dishwashers and cleaning machines. Black water will be from the sewage pipes. Regardless of the resource, all water has the potential to invite mold and other contaminants and cause damage to your health or your property. Newman Restoration & Cleaning takes all three equally seriously and can evict it from your Bozeman property.

What to do First When Your Bozeman Property Floods

In the immediate aftermath, the focus of emergency restoration services and sewage cleanup will be the removal of contaminated furniture, carpets and building materials like drywall and insulation, and anything else that might have come in contact with the contamination. After that comes the scrubbing and disinfecting of porous and wooden surfaces. We then use professional grade air movers to increase the drying process at your Bozeman home or business.

Long Term Mitigation After Emergency Sewage Cleanup

Following the successful sewage cleanup, and after the emergency restoration services have been performed, we can arrange for the long term protection of your Bozeman property. We will clean and sanitize the area that was affected and any areas that might have come in contact with the sewage. This means that the last remaining traces of toxins are removed from your Bozeman property. Then we apply remedies to avoid future mold and mildew growth. The result is a sanitized home or business that looks and feels like new.


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