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Newman Restoration & Cleaning is starting a blog which will feature the newest member of Team Newman: Le-Squeegee! Each week, Le-Squeegee will use his expertise to inform readers of helpful cleaning tips, seasonal maintenance information, community highlights, and new technology and techniques utilized by Team Newman. Le-Squeegee also wants to answer questions from the community. If there anything you want to know about the services provided at Newman Restoration & Cleaning, or tips about anything, just ask Le-Squeegee! Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Towing and hauling safety

Whether hauling a boat to the lake or towing a trailer for work, there are several important safety measures to implement. These will protect yourself and others when out on the road.    Before pulling away, there are several safety...
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Common issues with egress windows

Summer rain storms can cause issues with egress windows and result in a water intrusion. Team Newman has a few tips and suggestions to prevent water damage from an egress window. Safety first - It is important to have a...
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Hail Storm Advice

Summer storms have a tendency to result in hailstones across Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Team Newman has experienced the damage resulting from these hail storms and we have a few recommendations for how to protect yourself. How does hail form?...
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Summer saftey tips

As the warm weather arrives, Team Newman and Le-Squeegee have a few tips for staying safe this summer. Many of these safety tips are implemented for our work at Newman Restoration & Cleaning. Walk around vehicle or trailer before driving...
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Botanical vs Synthetic Disinfectants

Team Newman utilizes an array of different cleaning products and disinfectants depending on the circumstances. These products come with different methods of application, dwell times, dilution rates and risks. Whenever possible, Newman Restoration & Cleaning utilizes botanical cleaning solutions and...
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Cleaning for spring allergies

Spring comes with seasonal allergies. Team Newman and Le-Squeegee have a few tips to help reduce the impact that allergens make inside your home. First, during the current pandemic, it is important to do all your cleaning while wearing disposable...
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