Newman Restoration & Cleaning is starting a blog which will feature the newest member of Team Newman: Le-Squeegee! Each week, Le-Squeegee will use his expertise to inform readers of helpful cleaning tips, seasonal maintenance information, community highlights, and new technology and techniques utilized by Team Newman. Le-Squeegee also wants to answer questions from the community. If there anything you want to know about the services provided at Newman Restoration & Cleaning, or tips about anything, just ask Le-Squeegee! Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Don’t be a DIY’er?

When it comes to the Mitigation, Restoration and Build Back after you have Experienced a Water Loss or Flood, don’t be a DIY’er? Le-Squeegee has some great tips on what to look for in a Restoration Company and why Doing...
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Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared as a homeowner, renter or property owner for an Emergency? With the recent weather and temperature changes we are seeing a large number of fires, floods and the like. So Le-Squeegee wanted to share some “Emergency Preparedness”...
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Tips for Staying Warm

With the snow falling and cold weather sticking around, it is important to dress properly when working outside. Le-Squeegee has a few tips to stay warm when you have to be outside during this cold stretch. Wear a warm winter...
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Team Newman hopes you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! However, if you or your Valentine stained something while enjoying a chocolate treat, Le-Squeegee has a few tips to get rid of that stain! Detergent or dish soap on a fresh...
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The Stains In Your Carpet

No matter how careful we are with our carpets, stains are going to happen! Well when an accident happens to create a stain on your carpet, Le-Squeegee has a few tips to help get rid of it! Blot first -...
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Getting Rid Of Ice Dams

As the calendar turns the page to February, it seems like there are a few more cold stretches ahead. One problem for homeowners that can lead to costly repairs in the winter is the buildup of ice dams on the...
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Cleaning Up After Your Pets

Le-Squeegee knows that your dogs are spending a lot of time inside during this cold winter weather. So with your furry friends making a bit more of a mess inside than usual, Le-Squeegee has a few tips to help clean...
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Bed Bugs And You

Bed bugs are an uninvited pest that causes much frustration for homeowners. Well Le-Squeegee has a few suggestions for how to eliminate bed bugs if they ever find their way into your home. Use a professional. Bed bugs are stubborn...
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Winter Weather And Your Heating Needs

Is the winter weather making an impact on your heating bill? Well Le-Squeegee has a few tips to keep your home working efficiently. Replace the furnace filter regularly. A clean filter helps a furnace run efficiently and properly heat a...
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A Message About Winter Weather

Winter weather is making a big impact on the driving conditions across Montana, so Le-Squeegee wants to share a few winter driving tips. Keep your tank close to full and have a set of warm clothes in the vehicle. If...
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