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Mold Testing & Inspection in Big Sky, MT: Mold Inspection Services

Any successful mold removal begins with an inspection. To ensure that we are going to target the right areas with the right equipment, Newman Restoration & Cleaning does both regular and black mold testing. Our professionals are trained to know exactly where mold might be hiding in your Big Sky property, such as underneath carpeting and behind walls, and correctly identify the type. Certain molds are susceptible to certain treatments, and our mold testing will ensure that the mold we are targeting is the exact ones present in your Big Sky building.

Mold Inspection Experts in Big Sky Know How and Where to Test

We start our mold inspection and testing in Big Sky with an in depth inspection of any areas vulnerable to mold development. If there was a water event such as flooding or a leak, we will follow up everywhere that might have been affected by the moisture. When there is drywall, we will perform black mold testing. Our specialists take air samples, wall cavity air samples, and surface samples from materials like drywall and insulation. We will perform tape lifting and swabbing of any surfaces that may host mold spores.

Our Mold Testing Experts Offer Recommendations

After our initial mold inspection and testing of your Big Sky building, Newman Restoration & Cleaning compiles our findings and discuss our recommendations for remediation. We will tell you exactly how we plan to go after the mold in your building and why. We can discuss what might have caused the problem and the types of mold that we found present. Using the mold inspection results, we focus on the specific molds that are occupying your Big Sky home or business and evict them.

Mold Inspection and Testing to End the Process

When our specialists are certain we have removed all the mold that showed up in the initial tests, we don’t just walk away from your Big Sky property. We perform mold inspections and testing again. That includes black mold testing. Our particulate sensors will pick up any airborne mold spores in your Big Sky home or business. It’s our way of ensuring that we got rid of every bit of mold. Only after that do we know the job was completed correctly.


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